Dr. Giri's Multispeciality Homoeopathic Clinic

       A known name for homeopathic treatments in the city is Dr. Kamlesh P Giri in Mumbai. Having studied in reputed institutes in the medical space and completed his BHMS, PG Home London and MD in Homeopathy, this practitioner has curved a niche in the field. With a personal drive to offer better services to the patients, the doctor makes a conscious effort at every step of the way. Dr. Kamlesh P Giri has consistently engaged in studies and discussion related to this field in particular, and by doing so has kept abreast with the latest inventions and progress made in this field of medicine. With every passing year, lifestyles change and because of this, there is a need for more refined and accurate treatment. This medical professional aims at giving the patients ways by which they can improve their health status and heal from the health challenges they face. The clinic is located in a prime area at Airoli. One will find it fairly easy to spot the place as it stands Airoli, Navi Mumbai.

Dr. Kamlesh P Giri at Airoli is known to treat a range of ailments of Homeopathy. Some of illnesses and health concerns one can consult the doctor for are, Ulcers, Tonsillitis, Epilepsy, Lung Disease, Eczema, Infertility, Digestive Problems, Pimples, Hair Loss, Asthma, Osteoarthritis, Hyperacidity, Fissure, Corn Removal, Parkinson Disease, Psoriasis, Tinnitus, Peptic Ulcer, Gastroenteritis, Typhoid, Piles, Kidney Stone, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, etc.



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  • Due to long addiction to masturbation and porn I was not getting proper erection I was very nervous and depressed Dr.giri's homeopathy treatment has improved my sexual weakness and now I feel confident for marriage and good sex life .I am thankful to Dr.kamlesh giri .

    • Amar
      7 months ago
  • I am taking treatment for bleeding piles from Dr.giri .there is good improvement. Now no pain no burning no bleeding .thank you doctor I will definitely refer other piles patients to your clinic .

    • Shankara
      5 months ago
  • I am suffering from allergy disorder . my immunity is very low. I frequently suffer from cough cold and fever when there is slight change in weather or change of place and travelling from.but after starting treatment for 4 months there is lot of improvement in my immunity and my allergy is decresed now less frequent episodes of cough cold .I am feeling better now.I would recommend other weak immunity patients to take homeopathic treatment from Dr.kamlesh giri.Dr.giri sir fees is very reasonable ,clinic is small and simple.

    • Akash
      a year ago
  • My wife is patient of piles.she suffering from more then two week . after taking treatment from Dr.kamlesh giri as of now she is fine .thanks to Dr.kamlesh giri.

    • Mahendra
      11 months ago
  • I am visiting Dr.giri sir clinic for piles problem .I am suffering from this problem since 3years recurrent pain bleeding .but after starting homeopathy treatment from Dr.giri its 2 month passed now I feel that I am completely cured I will continue treatment for 2 months more .

    • arpana ashok tambe
      5 months ago
  • I am receiving homeopathy treatment for piles from Dr.kamlesh giri .now feeling better .he is result giving doctor .his results are good .I always prefer to consult Dr.giri for homeopathy treatment.

    • Devdas
      4 months ago
  • Good doctor .clinic small but good result .reasonable charge .I am happy with the treatment given by Dr.kamlesh giri .I trust the doctor and will always refer to Dr.kamlesh .

    • Rupa
      5 months ago
  • Experience is very nice .I am very happy with doctors treatment and his approach .after all now time to wait up to week.hope soon will be cured.

    • Manoj
      5 months ago